[ About ]

I am a multi-award-winning web and print designer based in Reigate, Surrey. The examples on this website are the work of one person, entrusted by his clients to get the job done. I’ve been building websites since 1999 when dial-up was the norm and Google unheard of.

I have the experience and confidence in my ability to guide a client, big or small, to the right solution. I will always look to the bigger picture and seek to join up brand, web, print, and social to provide the most bang for your buck.

Over 20 years experience. 100’s of Websites, countless magazine / brochure designs, many many meetings & a lot of coffee …

Steve Saunders

[ Clients ]


I have been very lucky to work with some fantastic clients over the last 21 years. The following list mentions just a few of them …